Make Your Own ID Cards Now

Things to Follow When Making
ID Cards

Making good ID cards isn’t the easiest process in the world. This article has great tips and if you follow them while also planning far in advance, making ID cards can actually be a great and rewarding experience.

When you are making ID cards for your organization, there are four things you should consider before you start the design process. These factors should be looked at regardless of the reason why you are creating the photo ID card.

Portrait vs. Landscape

When deciding the orientation of the card, you must first think about what the card is being used for. If you want your cards to be worn at a specific event of a function, you may want to have a portrait card. If you want people to carry the card in their wallet, then it is probably best to choose a landscape card which would be more convenient for people carrying it around. Portrait is probably better if you want your staff to wear their ID on their jacket, with a lapel or with a lanyard. A portrait card hangs better than a landscape card because of the shape and gravity.

Individual’s Personal Information

When it comes to the information you want your staff to have on their photo id cards, it should be limited to the information you want the readers to have access to. If the purpose is to get the staff to wear it, then you should keep the information limited to name and title. If it will be in a purse or wallet, then you can put more information on the card since it will not be displayed everywhere. Police cards actually have guidelines for what should be on an ID card, so this is also another consideration. There are other examples of industries that need to have certain information displayed, so consider this before designing your cards. For corporate ID cards, it is recommended that you limit the amount of personal information on the cards. The obvious exception is for people who need personal information in the case of an emergency such as fireman, police officer or any hazardous industry or profession.

Back Side of the ID Card

The back side of the card can be used as a valuable place to put things that many people do not use very carefully. If the card is landscape, many organizations put personal information about the carrier. If the card is going to be worn, then some companies put their mission statement or statement of purpose on it. Some companies put their mailing address on the back of the card which is really helpful if it’s lost. Other things the back of the card has been used for is phone numbers and barcodes for job tracking or time clock tracking.

Other Uses

Before you finish the design of the card, you should think about what else you might want to use the card for. There are time clock applications that can use the cards by adding a simple barcode. You can use it for access control as well, but this usually makes the ID cards a lot more expensive to make. Basically, it is important to start with the main reason for the ID cards when thinking about design, but also keep in mind other uses. There are many reasons you would et an ID card, but make sure you plan it out before you jump right in!

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