Make Your Own ID Cards Now

Choosing the Right ID Card
for Your Business

You must learn that you should never skimp on the quality of the ID cards. The cheapest cards will likely damage your print head, and this will cost a lot of money to fix. If the price seems too good to be true, it likely will be. Also keep in mind that you can save a lot of money by shopping online through a wholesale provider.

PVC, Composite, and Paper Cards

PVC and composite cards are both great, just make sure you do not buy something just because it is cheap. As mentioned earlier, cheaper cards can damage the print head, which will cost more money to fix than you would save. You should not use cards that are pre-punched because they can also damage your print head – just use a slot punch and punch your cards after you’ve printed them.

If you are looking for cards with a short life expectancy then paper cards will likely fill your needs. PVC cards are better to use if you are looking to produce a more long-term ID card. Paper cards are inexpensive and can easily be printed with a company logo or other company details. They are a good choice if you need to produce temporary ID cards.

Access Control Cards

HID proximity, HID I-class, and Indala proximity cards can be ordered with or without encoding. You can choose from different sizes and different prices depending on your budget. Security is one thing that many people are worried about nowadays. You can still meet all your security needs and also stay within a budget thanks to the affordable prices for printing in-house.

Embedded Security Cards

Embedded cards are great cause they have great security features and are counterfeit proof. They have enhanced security features; better durability and they don’t need to be laminated. In-house printing has allowed more companies to utilize the most secure ID cards on the market. These cards are so durable that it is easy to keep your costs under control while also getting what you want! Printing in house also allows the companies to have more control over the production and also the costs of production.

Pre-Printed ID Cards

Pre-printed cards are designed to meet what your company wants but also adhere to your time constraints. Even though in-house printing is very affordable, sometimes the time and resources just aren't available which is why companies use pre-printed cards. In these cases, it pays to order pre-printed ID cards.

There are so many pre-printed cards that you can get including ID cards, loyalty cards, membership cards, business cards, gift cards and much more. Larger orders, when you buy online, usually come with a discount depending on how many you buy. You can also get bar codes and magnetic strips on these cards while printing them in-house.

Today’s technology allows you to print things affordable and according to your timing goals so that everyone is happy!

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