Make Your Own ID Cards Now

Reduce the Costs Associated with
Making ID Cards

When you can make your own IDs, you have more rein on the related costs. As a result, you are able to receive a better return on your investment and can better optimize the resources you can use to produce the tags and IDs.

How will the Badges Be Used?

Naturally, when factoring in costs, you have to consider the nature of your ID-making hardware and software, all which depends on ID card requirements. If the ID is being made simply for identification purposes, then your cost of printing will be reduced. However, if the card is intended for controlling building access, a more sophisticated software and printer will be required for use. In addition, access control components will need to be added into the expense.

HID Proximity Cards

HID proximity cards use radio frequencies (RFID) or may be equipped with an embedded microprocessor that is encoded when the cards are printed. While the initial outlay of cash might be more for using the sophisticated equipment, the use of the printer and software can be utilized time and again when employees are hired or retained. If you are concerned with providing top security in conjunction with your identification process, then the HID proximity card is a logical choice.

Control Costs by Printing the Cards Yourself

By controlling overproduction, you also reduce ID card cost. Whether you are printing high-grade HID ID cards or are printing a card that is not quite so tech-savvy, the printing materials and components are readily available once the purchase of the printer and software are made. Changes in the design of cards can also be readily made as the software makes it possible for the designer to erase the graphics and include new ones in the design.

Today, printer manufacturers and software providers of ID templates have made printing available to both start-ups and SMEs. Even printers that highlight the latest features are affordable. By making use of in-house printing, companies that are trying to cut costs can make IDs that meet their specific needs with respect to identification and security.

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