Make Your Own ID Cards Now

Make Sure that Designing ID
Badges is Fun

Think about How You Want to Lay Out the Card’s Information

Before you turn on the computer and open the design software, you will first need to spend time working on the badge design off-line. After all, you need to compile the information you will need to include on the tag as well as the company’s logo and background colors, if applicable.

How Will the Information be Used?

Therefore, before you begin in earnest on creating a badge design, you need to compile the relevant information that will be included on the ID. Ask yourself what information you need to present on the ID and what purpose it will serve. Wil you use the badge simply to identify visitors or employees or will it also be used to control access to the building?

Do You Need to Include Any Information on the Back of the ID?

The ID badge design needs to be professional-looking and the cards should show that there is no doubt that the card a representation of your organization or company. Therefore, most cards should show an employee’s full name, his or her position and the department in which he or she works. Include the employee’s picture and your company’s name and logo into the mix. If you want to include information on the back of the ID, then plan to print the cards using double-sided printing.

Keep It Simple

Once you have considered the aforementioned information, you can turn on the computer and open up the software to create the ID's design. Software makes it possible for you to choose form pre-designed card templates, all which makes editing and creating all the more pleasurable. You can also work on a design from scratch. Just make sure the card you render is basic in design and simple to read. Don’t get too fancy, lest the information on the card be difficult to comprehend and read.

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