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Types of ID Badges for Event
and Employee Security

Employee IDs

Therefore, ID tags that are made for salespeople will need to feature the employee’s name, his or her department and the company logo for branding purposes. If the employee is an executive, he may also need to have a security device added to his badge for purposes of clearance.

Seminar IDs

Seminar badges, of course, are designed somewhat differently. In the past, many seminar participants got by with wearing a stick-on tag with their name written in black marker. You can create event tags today that look very professional. Use an ID desktop publishing kit or badge printing services to convey the effect you want.

IDs for Schools

School ID badges can be designed for educators, students, visitors or other building staff. Student ID badges generally include the photo of the student, a student ID number and the name and grade of the wearer along with other details, such as the name of the homeroom teacher. Teachers normally wear a badge with a photo ID on a badge that is made from a template. To save on badge-making costs, visitors can often get by using a sticker name tag with a security pass that can be used again.

Convention Badges

Convention badge-making can be a lot of fun as you can make use of various fonts, graphics and colours in order to jazz up the tag. Customize the ID by including a customized or beaded lanyard.

Customized Badges

The use of custom badge or pins can be employed for various purposes. The IDs can be used to add additional security in a venue or to identify people attending a seminar or workshop. They can also be instituted as employee identifications. For employee IDs, include the photo of the employee along with their name, title and department. As previously stated, include the company logo for branding emphasis.

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