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The Art of Lamination - Processing
ID Badges

If you need a badge or pass for office or school use or for an event, you can accomplish the task with little difficulty, provided you have the right supplies. Usually, ID tags feature the name and photo of the wearer along with their access level. To protect the ID from wear or tear, it is important to laminate the ID to keep it intact and preserved.

Choosing the Paper for the Badge

In order to create a badge or ID, you first will need to determine the size of the tag before choosing the paper for the badge. You can choose from card stock that can be cut to size with a paper cutting machine or you can buy perforated paper that is especially designed for making a badge or ID.

Luggage Tag or Wallet Size

The size of the badge will be determined by how much information is included on the ID. For instance, if you print out IDs that are the size of business cards, you can always "laminate" the ID cards with luggage tag that is pre-punched for a badge clip or a lanyard. In order to size the tag, you need to determine just how prominent you want the ID to be. IDs that are made larger than business card size often can be conveniently fitted into a wallet.

The Ideal Sized ID

However, that being said, it is best to review standard-sized laminating pouches to avoid the extra expenses that are attached to pouches that are customized. Try to buy a pouch that is approximately 1/4 inch longer and wider than your business card.

The Thickness of the Pouch

Buy a pouch that is pre-punched in a certain size or one that can be punched employing an oval slot punch that is designed for punching a hole in laminated IDs. these IDs can then be fitted for use with an ID clip or lanyard. Card sized pouches are featured in the basic thicknesses of 5 mil, 7 mil and 10 mil. For weekend events, a pouch that is 5mil in thickness should suffice and for daily wear, choose a pouch that is 10 mil in size.

What Type of Machine to Choose

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