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Information on Fake ID

The magnetic barcode on the everyday state ID contains all of the information that you can find on the card. It should match what is printed on the card. The machine scans in this information and makes a record of it. On several fake ID cards, the information on the ID does not match what is in the barcode.

It is routine practice for false ID makers to print new information on an ID card that's already been encoded with different information. Knowing that it is a lot more difficult to save the information on the card's magnetic stripe than it is to print it out on a blank card, fake ID makers often acquire pre-encoded cards in bulk. They then print different information on the cards themselves. These are called “scannable” fake IDs, as they will scan in a machine but the information will not match what is on the card. So if the operator of the ID scanner isn’t comparing the information, this can easily pass as a valid ID card.

These types of scanners make it easier for bouncers to see whether the ID is real. Without an ID scanner, it is a lot harder to spot a fake. As long as the user compares the information on the card with the information in the machine, it will be a lot easier to see if the ID card is a fake or not. If used properly, this is a great tool for spotting false ID cards.

If the user does not compare the information on the card with the information in the system, then the ID scanner is not as effective as it could be. Checking other security features such as holograms, pictures, UV flashlights and other features works well too, but if the fake ID maker is really good, you sometimes wont always be able to tell if it is a fake from these features alone.

The ID scanners do not check the ID numbers against official state databases to verify authenticity. Many people think they do, but they do not because these databases are not available for use by the general public.

One final note is to always be aware that there are scammers out there, and make sure you do your research before buying a fake ID scanner, because there are fake scanners out there!

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